The White Heart Warriors
As a young boy, Marine Sgt. James Carey's dream was to grow up and become a bodyguard for the President of the Untied States.  That led him to the Marine Corps.  After serving a few tours overseas James was sought out by a Colonel to be his personal driver. Sgt. Carey politely declined that request so he could keep fighting along side his fellow Marines. In 2009, during a water reconnaissance training mission at Camp Pendleton, Sgt. Carey almost drowned. His fellow Marines would be able to save his life but not before a great deal of oxygen was cut to James' brain leaving him in a coma. Because of that accident, Sgt. Carey is now blind, unable to walk, and has difficulty talking.  
Through the Ride to the Flags VI, the White Heart Foundation will begin to afford Sgt. Carey equipment necessary for his rehabilitation including, but not limited to, a custom wheelchair to fit his needs and a weighted vest to help in his ambulatory recovery - among rehabilitation procedures.

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Ride to the Flags VI
(Marine Sgt. James Carey with his daughter Autumn Rose)
September 14, 2013
Marine Sgt. James Carey
Ride to the Flags V
Army Ranger SFC. Cory Remsburg
September 16, 2012
Army Ranger SFC Cory Remsburg served 10 tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. On his 10th tour to the Middle East SFC Remsburg was hit by an IED blast while on foot. The blast killed a fellow Ranger and sent Cory into a ravine, losing a large piece of his skull. Quick action by fellow Rangers helped save Cory's life. The 2009 attack, left Cory unable to walk, and talk. He has been rehabilitating ever since and has made great progress in his speech and mobility.  

Through the Ride to the Flags V, we were able to afford Cory some rehabilitation equipment to help him work on his strength and balance while in the comfort of his own home.
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The White Heart Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public charity and is committed to serving our police, fire, and military heroes and strengthening the communities in which they live by creating opportunities for residents to show their appreciation through financial or physical support.
SFC Remsburg recently had the chance to meet with President Obama.
Each year at the  White Heart Foundation's annual charity motorcycle ride, Ride to the Flags, we select a candidate to be the beneficiary of the funds we raise.  These are what we call our White Heart Warriors, and the fundraising doesn't end when the ride ends - it's ongoing.  Our White Heart Warriors have a life-long battle as a result of their injuries and we are here to remind them that they are not alone; there is a network of people who are there to support and help them on their path to rehabilitation.